Wellbeing Throughout Pregnancy

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Many pregnant women ask what will help them have the healthiest pregnancy possible? How can they achieve the best possible physical and emotional health and wellbeing? How can they best prepare their body for labour? Based in Canary Wharf, City Antenatal brings together the expertise of a wide range of renowned antenatal and postnatal experts to support individuals through their …

New Body Osteopathy for pregnant woman

Why Do Osteopaths Treat Pregnant Women?

New Body Osteopathy Mum & Baby, Osteopathy

This article was written for We Are the City – 12 April 2013 Wow, 11,678 of you have read this. Osteopathic care during pregnancy can help to relieve or even prevent such symptoms as back pain, pelvic pain & sciatica enabling you to enjoy a pain free, relaxed pregnancy. Low back pain is common in pregnancy, but NOT normal and …