The Perks of Pregnancy Massage…

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While carrying a baby is an exciting time, these 40 or so weeks can also be strenuous at times.

As the body transitions into a better ‘home’ for your child; internal and external changes may leave you feeling tired, achy, swollen and emotional.

During a massage, endorphins will release into the brain and nervous system promoting the ‘natural painkillers’ in the body, leaving you feeling instantly better and more relaxed.

As your baby grows, the extra weight and postural strain on the body, especially the back can cause muscle pain, cramps and fatigue. Soft tissue massage is very effective when trying to relieve these symptoms as well as having the benefit of pregnancy friendly oils applied to hydrate the skin.

The techniques used in pregnancy massage, i.e. effleurage (long, flowing strokes) help increase circulation and assist with the body’s lymphatic drainage system. Many of my ‘expecting’ clients, particularly in the 3rd trimester struggle with ‘heavy legs’, swollen feet and ankles and sometimes hands, which after one session can reduce significantly.

How often should you get a massage during pregnancy?

Pregnancy massage is a specialised massage delivered by a fully qualified therapist. You lie on your side – you and your baby bump supported by soft pillows and cushions – and are treated to a comforting and relaxing experience. The regularity of massage is down to you; however, I like to recommend a weekly or fortnightly session. From experience and feedback, I see better results with regular sessions during this short but precious time frame. A weekly massage is more likely to help with symptoms of sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety as well as keeping the muscles and joints relaxed and able to cope with the physical change in the body.

Pregnancy massage not only helps you relax but can also relieve restlessness, joint pain, neck and back pain and leg cramping – helping you enjoy your pregnancy to the full.

It’s a wonderful way to help your body thrive throughout pregnancy and into the post-natal period.

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Author Bio:

Sioned Morgan BSc (Hons), AOR
Sioned gained her science degree as a Complementary Therapist at University of Wales Institute Cardiff in 2008. Qualifications in advanced massage, pregnancy massage and reflexology have ensured she is a well-rounded therapist. Sioned has developed a particular interest in treating women during pregnancy. Her specialized skills have granted her the privilege of following mothers through this wonderful journey from conception to post-partum treatment.